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30-03-2017 | Article

Of the Arctic, by the Arctic, for the Arctic

Editor’s Briefing | Two concurrent gatherings address the economic future of Northern residents in...
29-03-2017 | Article

No longer in a league alone

A proposed Uefa rule change would be the first step for international football in Greenland
29-03-2017 | Article

Samuelsen: Ok med mere militær i Arktis – bare det ikke er konfliktoptrappende

Det er i orden at de arktiske nationer øger deres militære tilstedeværelse i Arktis. Men kun hvis...
29-03-2017 | Article

Ubåds-passage fra Den Kolde Krig får nyt liv

Den såkaldte ”GIUK-passage” var af stor strategisk betydning for både NATO-landene og Sovjetunionen...
28-03-2017 | Article

Storstilet multinational redningsøvelse i Arktis i 2017

Kystvagterne fra de otte lande i Arktis er blevet enige om at lave en fælles storstilet...
28-03-2017 | Article

Rules of the sea

Editor’s Briefing | Arctic countries have agreed on a set of guidelines for how to combine their...
28-03-2017 | Article

Indigenous and independent

A key part of Greenland’s independence process involves its people defining who they are
27-03-2017 | Article

Voting with their tongue

In the run-up to local elections in Greenland, one language is winning by a landslide
27-03-2017 | Article

The butterfly’s effect

Analysis | Arctic change is having non-Arctic consequences, which is driving non-Arctic states to...
25-03-2017 | Article

Known knowns

Norway publishes a security white paper
25-03-2017 | Article

Life at the northern pole

Russia’s Camp Barneo comes alive
25-03-2017 | Article

Unavoidable object

Russia resumes its Territory of Dialogue
25-03-2017 | Article

Colonial cousins

Centenary of the transfer of the Danish West Indies to the United States
25-03-2017 | Article

Who’s laughing now?

Alaska celebrates 150 years as part of America
24-03-2017 | Article

Seven years in Greenland

Christoffer Petersen mixes world events with his own experience to introduce us to a Greenland that...
24-03-2017 | Article

A spy in time

Denmark’s secret police agency is hiring people with a knowledge of the Arctic. Chinese and/or...
24-03-2017 | Article

Why do guillemot chicks leap from the nest before they can fly?

Why do guillemot chicks leap from the nest before they can fly?24.03.2017A guillemot male and his...
24-03-2017 | Article

UM Today New: Shifting Arctic sea ice inspires social media mapping

UM Today New: Shifting Arctic sea ice inspires social media mapping24.03.2017Changing sea ice in...
23-03-2017 | Article

Any justice system you want

Denmark is willing to put time, but no extra money, into fixing Greenland’s justice system
23-03-2017 | Article

The Arctic Five versus the Arctic Council

The informal grouping of Arctic coastal states may provide more of an opportunity than it often...
Bioscience Aarhus Universitet afholder riffelskydeøvelse.Eksterne deltagere er velkomne hvis der er ledige pladser ultimo februar. Cost pris faktureres.Skriv til Lars Holst Hansen hvis der er interesse.


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Title Org. name Type of project
Marin Basis Zackenberg Aarhus University Marine ecosystems
GN standard hydrography monitoring cruise Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Ocean & fiord systems
Architecture and mineral potential of Karrat Group Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Geoscience
Seabird monitoring, Disko Bay Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Marine ecosystems
Thick-billed murre studies, Maniitsoq Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Marine ecosystems
Itinerary Expected travel start date Expected travel end date
Station Nord, Kap Morris Jesup, Danmarkshavn 20 Jul 2017 20 Sep 2017
Akureyri to North East Greenland 25 Jul 2017 29 Aug 2017
NE Greenland THET-CLASS 01 Aug 2017 20 Aug 2017
NW Greenland KNUD-CLASS 01 Jul 2017 30 Sep 2017
NE Greenland KNUD-CLASS 15 Jul 2017 15 Aug 2017
Title Registration deadline Field of study ECTS points
Mineral resources in Arctic: Environmental impacts and technologies 10 May 2017 Natural science 5
Sea Ice Ecology 10 Nov 2017 Natural science 5
Long Range Transport of Contaminants to Arctic 10 May 2017 Natural science 5
Climate forcing effects and adaptation in Arctic 10 Nov 2017 Natural science 10
Arctic Marine Ecosystems 10 Nov 2017 Natural science 10