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27-05-2017 | Article

A pain in the ear

Greenland looks for ways to address ear infections in children
27-05-2017 | Article

By any other name

Experts gather to talk about one of the most Arctic animals of them all
27-05-2017 | Article

Training like they’d respond

Russian and Norwegian forces stage a search-and-rescue exercise in the Barents
24-05-2017 | Article

Unhappy hour

Cheap booze would be a thing of the past in Greenland under proposed legislation
24-05-2017 | Article

METAPOL (Meteorological and pollutant observations in the High Arctic)

METAPOL (Meteorological and pollutant observations in the High Arctic)Start/end date: ...
24-05-2017 | Article

Dansk militærbase gøres klar til genåbning

Som led i et storpolitisk spil for at forhindre kinesisk fodfæste på Grønland blev det i december...
24-05-2017 | Article

Summer rerun

The ‘Crystal Serenity’ is again offering the well-heeled the chance to sail the Northwest Passages
23-05-2017 | Article

Withdrawal symptoms

Denmark is struggling to prevent Greenland and the Faroe Islands from going their separate ways
22-05-2017 | Article

Arctic Mayors Sign Declaration

Press release from the Institute of the North
22-05-2017 | Article

RV Polarstern expedition - How is climate change affecting fauna in the Arctic?

Press release from the Alfred-Wegener-Institut
22-05-2017 | Article

Expedition of the century

A scientific expedition aims to provide facts about a source of political friction between Nuuk and...
22-05-2017 | Article

Not-so-great flood

Heard the one about the ‘Doomsday’ seed vault being flooded? Reality is much less exciting
20-05-2017 | Article

Rebalancing acts

Opec meets to get the oil market under its control
20-05-2017 | Article

Change of script

The Danish legislature’s annual debate about Greenland may turn political
20-05-2017 | Article

Training like they’d fight

For neutral Sweden and Finland realistic training involves siding with Nato
19-05-2017 | Article

… try, try again

Analysis | Switzerland’s admission to the Arctic Council as an observer shows that, in the North,...
18-05-2017 | Article

Claim adjustment

Nuuk withdraws a human-rights complaint to the UN
17-05-2017 | Article

Endnu en Thule-kontrakt går til USA

US Air Force har tildelt kontrakten på fragtsejlads mellem Danmark og Thule Air Base på Grønlands...
16-05-2017 | Article

Grønlandsk minister klagede til FN over Danmark

I ugerne inden sin exit fra posten som minister for udenrigsanliggender i det grønlandske...
12-05-2017 | Article

Arktis igen Danmarks billet til de øverste cirkler

Personlige relationer og snakke på tomandshånd er alfa og omega i international storpolitik. Og her...
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Title Org. name Type of project
METAPOL (Meteorological and pollutant observations in High Arctic) Aarhus University Weather, climate & atmosphere
Microplastics in benthic fauna and sediments in Arctic waters Aarhus University Marine ecosystems
Microplastics in benthic fauna and sediments in Arctic waters Aarhus University Marine ecosystems
Maarmorilik - Environmental studies Aarhus University Marine ecosystems
Environmental monitoring at Nalunaq Goldmine Aarhus University Marine ecosystems
Itinerary Expected travel start date Expected travel end date
CPH - RKV - TAS - RKV - CP - RKV - CPH 25 Jul 2017 01 Aug 2017
CPH - RKV - TAS - RKV - CP - RKV - CPH 02 Aug 2017 09 Aug 2017
Chopenhagen - Nuuk 07 Aug 2017 25 Aug 2017
Aalborg – Mestersvig – Daneborg – Ella Ø 31 Jul 2017 13 Aug 2017
NE Greenland KNUD-CLASS 15 Jul 2017 15 Aug 2017
Title Registration deadline Field of study ECTS points
Climate forcing effects and adaptation in Arctic 10 Nov 2017 Natural science 10
Sea Ice Ecology 10 Nov 2017 Natural science 5
Elementary fire protection 29 May 2017 Other N/A
Shooting course (practice) 09 Jun 2017 Other N/A
Shooting course (2 hours theory course) 09 Jun 2017 Other N/A