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16-02-2018 | Article

Pilotprojekt om Dansk-Canadisk samarbejde indenfor polarforskning

For at fremme det canadisk-danske forskningssamarbejde inden for det arktiske område, tilbyder...
16-02-2018 | Article

Fairer world may mean more modest dreams

To achieve a fairer world, humans must think again about how they manage the only planet at their...
15-02-2018 | Article

Plads til fordobling af hvalrosbestanden i den Nordlige Baffin Bugt

En ny videnskabelig artikel med fire forfattere fra Pinngortitaleriffik peger på, at de vigtigste...
15-02-2018 | Article

Common insects face growing problems

The Earth’s largest animal group faces a new threat. Insects – not just rare species, but...
14-02-2018 | Article

Blue mussel shell shape plasticity and natural environments: a quantitative approach

Abstract: Shape variability represents an important direct response of organisms to selective...
14-02-2018 | Article

More reflectivity can cool the world

Think of reflectivity as down-to-earth geoengineering. Some simple actions could make a big...
13-02-2018 | Article

Global warming gathers pace

The world is getting hotter: during three recent years, the total amount of global warming jumped...
12-02-2018 | Article

Hydrogen could see off fossil fuels

The surplus electricity from solar and wind power gives hydrogen the chance to replace oil and gas...
12-02-2018 | Article

Danmark og Grønland værter for arktisk topmøde

Regeringen har sammen med Grønland inviteret de fire arktiske kyststater, USA, Rusland, Norge,...
12-02-2018 | Article

Ekspert: Brug for fælles fodslag overfor Kina

Danmark og Grønland bør skubbe interne uenigheder i baggrunden og stå sammen om at imødegå og...
09-02-2018 | Article

Seabird poop warms the Earth, and cools it

Three new studies of how the world works show that seabird excrement plays an unexpected role, as...
08-02-2018 | Article

Danske kampfly til Arktis

Danske F-16 fly skal på en kort forårsudflugt til Island for at bidrage til NATO’s...
08-02-2018 | Article

Big business ‘threatens planet’s future’

Big business says it’s leading the world to a sustainable future. But a new book says...
07-02-2018 | Article

Will Cape Town’s Day Zero arrive?

On 23 January we reported on the water crisis facing the South African city of Cape Town, expected...
07-02-2018 | Article

Sea ice algae blooms in the dark

Sea ice algae blooms in the dark07.02.2018By Peter BondoIt is pitch dark all winter in the Arctic....
07-02-2018 | Article

Forsvarschef anbefaler: Ingen norske kystvagt-helikoptere

At kunne jage ubåde er vigtigere end at kunne løse mere traditionelle kystvagtsopgaver. Det er...
06-02-2018 | Article

Norges højesteret skal se på arktiske olieboringer

Greenpeace og Young Friends of the Earth Norway erklærer sig nu parate til at gå til den norske...
06-02-2018 | Article

Højere BNP på Færøerne end i Danmark

Det går økonomisk godt på Færøerne. Endda rigtig godt. Faktisk så godt, at det færøske...
06-02-2018 | Article

Ozone layer recovery falters unexpectedly

The recovery of the damaged ozone layer which protects life on Earth from harmful solar radiation...
06-02-2018 | Article

Making the Arctic accessible for excellent science

Making the Arctic accessible for excellent science05.02.2018[Bremerhaven, 6th February 2018]...
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Title Org. name Type of project
DMI service of weather stations east Greenland 2018 Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) Weather, climate & atmosphere
The future of Arctic biodiversity in a climate change era Aarhus University (AU) Ocean & fiord systems
Marin Basis Zackenberg Aarhus University (AU) Marine ecosystems
GeoBasis-Zackenberg 2018 Aarhus University (AU) Weather, climate & atmosphere
Drivhusgas-observationer i Arktis (ObsArktis) Aarhus University (AU) Weather, climate & atmosphere
Title Registration deadline Field of study ECTS points
Arctic Nature and Society 01 Mar 2018 Other 7,5
Shooting course I & II (theory & practice) 19 Feb 2018 Other 0
Title Organisation Application deadline
Biologist or like for Dept. of Environment at The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR) 02 Mar 2018