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Isaaffik version 3.0

About Isaaffik

ISAAFFIK is the greenlandic word for gateway.

ISAAFFIK Arctic Gateway is a website originally developed to support arctic research and collaboration between researchers within the Kingdom of Denmark (Denmark, Greenland, and Faroe Islands). However, today arctic researchers and institutions from outside the Kingdom of Denmark are equally welcomed to join ISAAFFIK.

The purpose of ISAAFFIK is to inspire and facilitate cooperation, synergies and creativity among universities and knowledge centers in areas of arctic research, education, consultancy and logistics. 

Involvement and participation of users – researchers, coordinators and more – is key to success of ISAAFFIK. 

Anyone engaged with arctic research, education, consultancy and logistics is entitled to an ISAAFFIK account. As registered user with a personal profile at ISAAFFIK is eligible to announce field work expeditions, events, activities, participate in informal discussions, apply for logistical support, and much more on the website as well as the opportunity to piggyback on activities of fellow users.

The idea of an interactive website for arctic researchers came about during a workshop conference - Det Arktiske Initiativ - in September 2014 at Hindsgavl Castle, Denmark. Conference participants included 100 Danish, Greenlandic and Faroese researchers, coordinators and university leaders as well as representatives from authorities kick starting arctic research and science cooperation within the Kingdom of Denmark. Four working groups were formed at the conference now constituting the four parts of the ISAAFFIK website of research, education, consultancy and logistics. The logistics working group took the lead on developing a website, presenting ISAAFFIK Arctic Gateway as a result of its efforts 31 March 2015 only six months after the Hindsgavl conference.

ISAAFFIK is an independent and public website. ISAAFFIK is a facility, a network, but not an authority. The content of the website is maintained decentrally by a number of ISAAFFIK partners and contributors. At the moment ISAAFFIK partners include  Aarhus University, Aalborg University, Danish Meteorological Institute, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, University of Southern Denmark, Joint Arctic Command, and the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

To become an individual "Member of ISAAFFIK" you must submit a request for membership to the ISAAFFIK Secretariat by using the Menu's Register function. It's free and easy, completed online within a few minutes. As a registered member you'll have access to the full content and functionality of ISAAFFIK.

The ISAAFFIK Secretariat, hosted at Arctic Research Centre, Aarhus University, is responsible for on-going operations, updates and future development of ISAAFFIK. You are welcome to contact the secretariat if you have any questions or improvement suggestions for the website.

Last updated
30 May 2017