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Title Activity Type Date
Glacier melting rates, sea ice variability and ocean circulation in the Young Sund region, East Greenland Project 08.07.2014
Case study: seasonal transition of geophysical parameters of different ice types in Young Sound Project 01.05.2014
Under-ice dynamics and coastal polynya interaction Project 30.04.2014
The function of a polynia. Deployment of moorings in Young Sund, NE Greenland Project 20.10.2013
Influence of terrestrial run-off on marine production and carbon cycling Project 08.07.2014
Importance of benthic primary production assessed by in situ eddy-correlation measurements Project 22.07.2014
Dynamics of CO2 and greenhouse gases within sea ice Project 01.05.2014
Melt pond evolution of organic contaminants Project 22.05.2014
Green house gas exchange and the carbon cycle in the Arctic coastal areas Project 01.05.2014
Annual Carbon Balance Project 15.04.2014
Nutrient limitation of primary producers in High - arctic streams 2014 Project 01.07.2014
Climate effects in terrestrial arctic ecosystems in Young Sund Project 08.07.2014
License-related fieldwork and shallow borehole drilling in Northeast Greenland 2017 Project 15.07.2017
WISE-B (Water and Ice Strategy for Export – Phase B) Project 01.06.2017
The rise of South Greenland 4D Project 01.07.2017
The Triassic of the Wandel Sea Basin Project 27.07.2016
The Cretaceous of Northeast Greenland Project 01.08.2016
The Cretaceous of Northeast Greenland Project 01.08.2016
The rise of South Greenland 4D Project 17.06.2016
Architecture and mineral potential of the Karrat Basin Project 14.07.2016