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Title Activity Type Date
NANOK 25. feltsæson, 2015, hold 2, Ella Ø Project 10.08.2015
Young Sund Campaign 2016 Project 26.07.2016
INuit Feeding on Legacy Un-wanted Xenobiotics (INFLUX). Project 01.09.2016
Diversity and distributions of terrestrial arthropods along climatic gradients in a warming Greenland Project 15.06.2016
Fjord winds are a driver for upwelling in the fjord Project 01.07.2016
High resolution physical and biogeochemical (chlorophyll, pCO2 ) variability in surface layer (0-40) in sub-Arctic fjord Project 01.08.2016
Greenhouse gas exchange over the Arctic Marine waters – focusing on CO2 and CH4 (GRAM) Project 18.05.2016
Light dynamics in high latitude fjord impacted by glacial meltwater input Project 15.09.2016
Iceberg project Project 04.08.2016
Carbon cycling in fjords impacted by glacial meltwater input Project 15.09.2016
First survey on marine litter in West Greenland - Nuuk Project 23.05.2016
Sensitivity of juvenile Arctic char to heavy metals Project 13.08.2016
Microbial degradation of oil pollution in Arctic seawater and sea ice Project 15.02.2016
Drivers and patterns of thermal tolerance of Greenland marine biota Project 25.08.2016
Mytilus species in Greenland – climate related distribution and implications for environmental monitoring Project 15.08.2016
The Baffin Bay System Study - Sanna Campaign 2016 Project 11.08.2016
Otoliths, shells and plants as potential archives of heavy metal pollution in Greenland investigated using LA-ICP-MS - 2016 Project 15.08.2016
Microbial atmospheric-marine coupling Project 02.08.2016
Climate and lake ecosystem dynamics in the high Arctic, over the Holocene, using lake sediment records Project 02.08.2016
Sea Ice - Understanding and Modelling Ocean-Sea Ice-Atmosphere Biogeochemical Coupling in a Changing Climate Project 03.06.2016