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Title Activity Type Date
ASIP (Automated Sea Ice Products) Project 01.11.2017
Assessing the Distribution and Variability of Marine Mammals through Archaeology, Ancient DNA, and History in the North Atlantic. Project 01.01.2015
Assessing the Vitality of Arctic Indigenous Languages - Research Development Workshops Project 01.01.2012
Assessment of productivity and environmental factors affecting ice algae Project 01.03.2014
Assessment of sea ice algae production in Kanajorusuit Fjord Project 04.03.2013
Assessment of the natural perchlorate source using perchlorate history from Greenland ice cores Project 01.01.2012
ASUS: Arctic SUStainability: A Synthesis of Knowledge Project 01.01.2015
Athabaskan Conference 2012 Project 01.01.2012
Atmospheric Hydrocarbons at GEOSummit, Greenland, as Tracers for Climate Change, Air Pollution Transport, and Oxidation Chemistry in the Arctic Project 01.01.2018
Atmospheric Researcher at Asiaq Greenland Survey Job 24.05.2019
Automated Discovery of Content-in-Context Relationships from a Large Corpus of Arctic Social Science Data Project 01.01.2017
Automated, High Resolution Terrain Generation for XSEDE Project 01.01.2015
Autonomous Ice Mass Balance Buoys for an Arctic Observing Network: A Continuation Proposal Project 01.01.2016
AUV measurements Project 09.08.2015
Basic First Aid course Course 18.05.2017
Bear encounters - precautions in polar bear land Meeting Event
Bear encounters - Precautions in polar bear land Meeting Event 31.05.2016
Bear encounters. Precautions in polar bear land Meeting Event 04.06.2015
Biodiversity dynamics and processes of planktonic organisms over the annual cycle in the Arctic Project 01.04.2017
Biogenic volatile organic compounds in Arctic soil and air Seminar Event 02.06.2016