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Title Activity Type Date
Microbial Oceanography Links to New aerosols in Ice-covered Regions (MjOLNIR) in the Arctic Ocean Project 01.01.2017
Collaborative Research: The effect of carbonate chemistry on the sea ice community in the High Arctic Project 01.01.2017
Conference Proposal: Labrador Research Forum and Rigolet Community Meeting Project 01.01.2017
Archaeological Investigation of the Eastern North Atlantic Trade and Globalizing Economic Systems Project 01.01.2017
Collaborative Research: Thermodynamic and Dynamic Drivers of the Arctic Sea Ice Mass Budget at MOSAiC Project 01.01.2017
Collaborative Research: What Controls Calving? A Greenland-wide Test of Terminus Change Mechanisms Project 01.01.2017
Collaborative Research: Closing the Gaps in Climate Models' Surface Albedo Schemes of Processes Driving the Darkening of the Greenland Ice Sheet Project 01.01.2017
Collaborative Research: Three-dimensional structure of Arctic tides and near-inertial oscillations, and their role in changing the Arctic Ocean and ice pack Project 01.01.2017
Partial Support for the Ninth International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS IX) Project 01.01.2017
Hybrid Governance in the Arctic: Carving out a Political Space for Coastal Indigenous Communities in Arctic Emergency Preparedness and Response Project 01.01.2016
Collaborative Research: Assessing the Impact of Arctic Sea Ice Variability on the Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass and Energy Balance Project 01.01.2016
RCN: EyesNorth - A Research Coordination Network of Community-Based Observing Initiatives in the Arctic and Beyond Project 01.01.2016
Completion of Eyak (ISO 693-3 eya) Grammar, Dictionary, Texts Project 01.01.2015
Collaborative Research: Holistic Integration for Arctic Coastal-Marine Sustainability (HIACMS) Project 01.01.2015
Syrian Refugee Families in Iceland Project 01.01.2016
Towards a Unifying Pan-Arctic Perspective: Concepts and Theories Project 01.01.2016
Alaska Science Communication Workshop Project 01.01.2016
Collaborative Research: Science coordination office for Summit Station/ISI Observatory and the Greenland Traverse Project 01.01.2017
Arctic Survey on Adaptation to Climate Change Project 01.01.2015
PolarTREC - Teachers and Researchers Exploring and Collaborating Project 01.01.2017