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Title Activity Type Date
Long term monitoring of Greenland's under ice environment Project 01.01.2013
Glacier Front Drifters Design Concept Project 01.01.2013
Collaborative Research: Assessing the Impact of Arctic Sea Ice Variability on the Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass and Energy Balance Project 01.01.2013
Collaborative Research: Decoding & Predicting Greenland's Surface Melt History & Future with Observations, Regional Atmospheric Modeling and GCMs Project 01.01.2013
Collaborative Research: Forum for Arctic Modeling and Observational Synthesis (FAMOS) Project 01.01.2013
Collaborative Research: Characterizing the Roles of Atmospheric Structure and Clouds on the Radiation and Precipitation Budgets at Summit, Greenland Project 01.01.2013
Application of biomarkers to examine transformations of dissolved carbon and nitrogen reservoirs in Arctic rivers Project 01.01.2013
Ice Drilling Program Office Project 01.01.2013
Novel Methods to Observe Heat and Ice in the High Latitudes Using PIES Project 01.01.2013
Young Researcher Participation in Northern Research Forum 2013: Climate Change in Northern Territories Project 01.01.2013
SAVI: Collaborative Research: Overturning in the Subpolar North Atlantic - Labrador Basin and Floats Project 01.01.2013
The Atlantic Water Boundary Current in the Eastern Arctic: Composition, Transport, Variability and Dynamics Project 01.01.2013
Collaborative Research: AON: Continuing the Beaufort Gyre Observing System to Document and Enhance Understanding of the Beaufort Gyre Freshwater Reservoir Transformations and Fate Project 01.01.2013
Collaborative Proposal: The Role of Arctic Amplification in Modifying Mid-latitude Atmospheric Circulation and Promoting Extreme Weather Events Project 01.01.2013
Collaborative Research:The Climatic Role of Permafrost- As permafrost thaws, could a weakening terrestrial freezer and an increasingly leaky bathplug amplify Arctic climate change? Project 01.01.2013
Quantifying Rates of Biological Production to Better Understand the Carbon Cycle in the Canada Basin Project 01.01.2013
Collaborative Research: P2C2: Contributions of northern cold-climate peatlands and lakes to abrupt changes in atmospheric methane during the last deglaciation Project 01.01.2013
Collaborative Research: An innovative network to improve sea ice prediction in a changing Arctic Project 01.01.2013
GROVER: Greenland Rover for Cryospheric Research Project 01.01.2013
Social Indicators for Rural Alaska Communities (SIRAC) Project 01.01.2013