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Title Activity Type Date
Tentative schedule 2016 for AKO maritime units at Northeast Greenland (NEG) Logistics 31.08.2016
Tentative AKO flight schedule 2016 Logistics 31.12.2016
TWO from Daneborg to Danmarkshavn Logistics 25.07.2016
Helicopter share at STN Area Logistics 13.08.2016
Aerial mapping - Westgreenland Logistics 01.09.2016
2016 Tentative flightschedule for Zackenberg and Daneborg Logistics 30.11.2016
Visit to Ivittut Logistics 09.10.2015
Weather station maintenance on ice sheet near Station Nord Logistics 01.01.2016
PROMICE weather station maintenance Logistics 25.06.2015
PROMICE weather station maintenance Logistics 01.08.2015
Antonov flyvning til STN Logistics 17.07.2015
Peregrine falcons in South Greenland Logistics 08.06.2015
KarratZinc Logistics 02.07.2015
GNET fuel caching Logistics 22.07.2015
Station Nord Logistics 24.08.2015
Station Nord Logistics 17.08.2015
Station Nord Logistics 03.08.2015
Station Nord Logistics 27.07.2015
Station Nord Logistics 18.05.2015
Station Nord Logistics 18.05.2015