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Title Activity Type Date
MatchPoints Seminar Seminar Event 12.11.2015
CENPERM seminar Seminar Event 21.05.2015
CENPERM seminar Seminar Event 28.05.2015
CENPERM seminar Seminar Event 24.09.2015
CENPERM seminar: Karen Cameron: Microbial community structures vary across the Greenland ice sheet surface Seminar Event 08.10.2015
CENPERM seminar Seminar Event 22.10.2015
Dendroecology in the Arctic Seminar Event 29.10.2015
Microbial Trancsriptomic response to thawing and freezing of active layer permafrost soil Seminar Event 12.11.2015
Modeling high-Arctic permafrost thawing impact on Greenhouse gas exchange in Northeast Greenland Seminar Event 19.11.2015
Arctic coastal zone mapping: Evolution of sedimentary coasts in Greenland Seminar Event 26.11.2015
Environmental drivers of biomass production and growth efficiency in arctic terrestrial ecosystems Seminar Event 03.12.2015
Geomorphology, cryostratigraphy and Holocene landscape dynamics in the Zackenberg valley, NE-Greenland Seminar Event 03.03.2016
Inter-annual variability of CO2 exchange in a discontinuous permafrost ecosystem (Disko, Greenland) Seminar Event 10.03.2016
Abiotic controls on permafrost C mineralization rates assessed based on incubating samples from 4 contrasting Arctic localities Seminar Event 31.03.2016
On flocculation and settling of fine-grained sediment in Arctic waters - Thorbjørn Andersen Seminar Event 28.04.2016
What are the challenges in modelling isoprene and monoterpene emission dynamics for subarctic plants? Seminar Event 07.04.2016
The terrestrial carbon sink in the North Seminar Event 21.04.2016
Arctic Seminar Series: Charlotte Wiin Havsteen Seminar Event 04.04.2016
Arctic Seminar Series: Anne de Vernal Seminar Event 30.05.2016
Arctic Seminar Series: Penny Vlahos Seminar Event 20.06.2016