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Title Activity Type Date
Arctic Survey on Adaptation to Climate Change Project 01.01.2012
Workshop Travel Support: Pribilof School District's Project 01.01.2012
Adventure Learning @ Greenland Project 01.01.2012
RAPID: Cataloging and Returning to Alaska the NSF funded Tebenkof Bay Project Project 01.01.2012
RAPID: Testing Geophysical Prospection and Mapping Methods for Early Christian Cemeteries in Iceland Project 01.01.2012
Arctic Observing Network Design and Implementation (ADI) Task Force Writing Workshop Project 01.01.2012
EAGER: Exploratory Research into Nationalism and Nation-Branding in Greenland Project 01.01.2012
Workshop on Improving Local Involvement in Research in Northwest Alaska Project 01.01.2012
Journey to the Center of the Earth: REVEALing a Subterranean Landscape of Fear in the North Atlantic Project 01.01.2012
Final Reporting for the Wales, Alaska, Archaeology Project Project 01.01.2012
Assessment of the natural perchlorate source using perchlorate history from Greenland ice cores Project 01.01.2012
Digital Arctic Community Heritage: For Preservation and Access Project 01.01.2012
Collaborative Research: Investigating the potential of carbon-14 in polar firn and ice as a tracer of past cosmic ray flux and an absolute dating tool Project 01.01.2012
RUI: Quantifying and Predicting the Impact of the Madden-Julian Oscillation on the State of the Arctic Project 01.01.2012
Collaborative Research: Direction and Mechanisms of Seasonal Change in Arctic Microbial Communities Project 01.01.2012
Athabaskan Conference 2012 Project 01.01.2012
Collaborative Research: Developing a high-resolution late Holocene sediment record of rapid Arctic climate change from the Beaufort Sea coastal zone Project 01.01.2012
Collaborative Research: Toward optimization of observational arrays in the Arctic Ocean Project 01.01.2012
High Resolution Thermal Expansion Measurements of Ice Project 01.01.2012
Quantifying nitrite and peroxynitrite formation from the photolysis of nitrate in/on ice Project 01.01.2012