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Title Activity Type Date
Carbonyl sulfide measurements in the GISP2D ice core from Summit, Greenland Project 01.01.2019
Partial Support for the Planning and Organization of the Tenth International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences Project 01.01.2018
Doctoral Dissertation Research: Technological Choice and Human-Animal Relationships: A Bird's Eye View from the Rat Islands, Alaska Project 01.01.2019
STEM at the Poles! Research Experiences for Formal and Informal Educations in the Polar Regions Project 01.01.2019
Engaging Early Career Polar Scholars in the North Pacific Arctic Conference and Network: Honolulu, HI - August 14-16, 2019 Project 01.01.2019
Nitrous oxide cycling in the Western Arctic Ocean from stable isotopic and concentration data Project 01.01.2018
Collaborative Research: What Controls Calving? A Greenland-wide Test of Terminus Change Mechanisms Project 01.01.2019
Representing surface meltwater runoff in Greenland ice sheet models Project 01.01.2019
NE Greenland 1:100,000 scale geological mapping Project 15.07.2019
NE Greenland 1:100,000 scale geological mapping Project 01.01.2018
GEUS Fjeldskredscreening 2019 Project 01.07.2019
Dimension Stone project Project 17.01.2018
AirMiMic - Fieldwork Project 20.07.2019
Dating of the Little Ice Age Project 01.01.2018
UNAS Project 01.05.2018
Northwest Passage Project Project 01.01.2016
EAGER: Environmental DNA in unfrozen archaeological sediments--testing the results Project 01.01.2018
Assessing Transport Pathways into the Arctic and Their Efficiencies Project 01.01.2019
EAGER SitS:Collaborative Research:Projecting Arctic soil and ecosystem responses to warming using SCAMPS: A stoichiometrically coupled, acclimating microbe-plant-soil model Project 01.01.2018
Collaborative Research: Linking sea ice and snow cover changes to Greenland mass balance through stratospheric and tropospheric pathways Project 01.01.2019