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Arctic Basecamp 2018 Event at the Davos World Economic Forum


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Education & Outreach

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The investigators will present scientific information about Arctic change to a broad range of international leaders by establishing a meeting and demonstration area, described as an Arctic Basecamp 2018, in association with the annual World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland. The investigators will hold panel discussions and will provide demonstrations of the instrumentation used to make environmental measurements in the Arctic in an interactive format. The events will emphasize the linkages between long-term measurements and climate models, while also bringing forward the economic considerations of risk and opportunity related to Arctic change. This conference will emphasize scientific outreach to a broad audience of leaders in business, government and other international organizations who are interested in the pace of change in the Arctic. The investigators will establish a meeting and demonstration area, described as the Arctic Basecamp 2018, for a two-day period in Davos, Switzerland concurrently with the World Economic Forum. The outreach materials presented at the Arctic Basecamp 2018 will be widely distributed and will be used by the investigators subsequently for other outreach activities.