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Collaborative Research: ELOKA Phase III: Toward Sustainable Data Management Support for Community-Based Observations Contributing to the Arctic Observing Network


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The project builds on the successes of prior phases that resulted in operational research data infrastructure that crosses disciplinary boundaries and provides users with the ability to access community data and supports a circumpolar network of researchers, practitioners, and knowledge holders. Three objectives support sustaining and enhancing ELOKA: 1) Provide core data management services to researchers and organizations involved in community-based research; 2) collaboratively enhance the existing ELOKA technology platform to better support collection and sharing of community data; 3) ensure a sustained and interoperable long-term preservation system for community data. Objectives are achieved first by providing data management planning support, developing community data Websites, and hosting an inventory of community-based research projects. Second, by adding advanced administrative, mapping, and multimedia functions to existing technology to enhance ELOKA services and increase the number of projects served. Third, by securing community data over the long-term by building on interoperable, data-curation infrastructure developed through the Data Conservancy, an NSF DataNet project. Making ELOKA a sustained presence in the Arctic research landscape will continue to broaden the participation of Arctic residents in research, and will provide researchers outside of the community and the general public with greater exposure to community-based research through improved access to data. Establishment of the ELOKA Advisory Committee ensures that community perspectives are an integral part of sustaining and evolving ELOKA.