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Conference Proposal: Labrador Research Forum and Rigolet Community Meeting


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Education & Outreach

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This award will support the participation of researchers and students in the first biennial Labrador Research Forum that will occur in Goose Bay, Labrador 15th-18th of February 2017. Designed to promote research sovereignty, the Forum will bring together Inuit community members and researchers to identify and establish research priorities in Labrador's Indigenous communities. The Forum is structured to foster and facilitate maximum engagement between community members, scholars, and students. The research team and students will participate in a one-day pre-meeting workshop between members of the Inuit community of Rigolet, Labrador and an interdisciplinary team of six researchers in the fields of Indigenous environmental education, psychology, the environmental humanities, and climate science. The purpose of the workshop is to engage with community members to elicit their research interests and priorities and to match, if so invited, community interests with researcher expertise.