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Convergence NNA: Preparing for a Northwest Passage, a Workshop on the Role of New England in Navigating the New Arctic


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This workshop will consider how changes in the Arctic will have regional impacts on New England's economic, environmental, and social dynamics , especially as they relate to trade, fisheries, tourism, coastal ecology, air and water quality, animal migration, and human demographics. Special emphasis during the workshop will be placed on an eventual ice-free Northwest Passage and the potential for this to stimulate new trade markets and increase ship traffic. Further, the workshop will consider how these changes could transform the needed infrastructure and economic opportunities in the Gulf of Maine, as well as impact ecosystems. The workshop will provide a forum for researchers and students from diverse disciplines such as environmental science, geology, atmospheric science, geography, coastal and marine science and engineering, and policy studies to forge a new convergent research agenda to address emergent impacts and opportunities Arctic change poses for lower latitude regions.