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Ella Ø Station

From 1931 to the end the 1950s Lauge Koch’s research station at Ella Ø [235] was the definitive stronghold of scientific research in North-East Greenland. Over the years, hundreds of scientists used Ella Ø as main base both summer and winter for their scientific expeditions into the entire region. Through the years of 1931-43, Ella Ø and the sister station, Eskimonæs, functioned partly as main stations for the Lauge Koch Expeditions and partly as headquarters for the local Danish government authorities. In August 1941 the North-East Greenland Sledge Patrol was established and Ella Ø became the headquarters of the one of the patrol groups. After the war Ella Ø, was permanently manned by the Lauge Koch Expeditions during the years 1947-54.

In 1950-51 the newly established sledge patrol, Operation Resolut, which later changed name to Sirius, had its headquarters at Ella Ø Station, before moving to Daneborg. Sirius still uses Ella Ø as a summer base when supplying their depots in the large interconnected fiord complex between Hold with Hope in the north and Scoresby Land in the south.  Since 2003 Nanok, also has used Ella Ø as main summer base station.

OBS: Access to the Ella Ø Station requires permission from the military authorities.

Have a Street View look at Ella Ø Station.

For further information (in Danish) see also the Danish Geodata Agency: Den grønlandske Havnelods

Number in brackets [ ] refer to hut number in Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen: "North-East Greenland 1908-60.  The Trapper Era(2008) published by Scott Polar Research Institute.