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Engaging the Next Generation of Arctic Researchers: UArctic Conference 2019


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This award supports the participation of approximately 12 researchers drawn from Arctic Indigenous scholars, early career scientists, and students from primarily Alaska to attend the UArctic One Arctic - One Health Conference in Oulu, Finland in February of 2019. The UArctic One Arctic-One Health Conference is hosted in the country that holds the chairmanship of the Arctic Council, which is currently in Finland. The engagement of these new and underrepresented investigators in all aspects of the Congress will facilitate the next generation of interdisciplinary and collaborative researchers who will shape the science of tomorrow. The term 'One Health' was coined by the veterinary profession to identify the relationship between human and animal health and the influence the environment exerts on zoonotic disease outbreaks. Currently, over 70% of the emerging human diseases in the world are of zoonotic origin, making this a critical area of research, education and outreach. As the concept has evolved, the interdependence of animal, human and environmental wellbeing has broadened with the realization that none of these can be truly healthy unless they are all healthy.