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Extreme Engineering - the Arctic Semester in Greenland

DTU Sisimiut Campus, Greenland

Extreme Engineering – the Arctic Semester in Greenland

The course begins in February and runs through June. Half semester is possible - February-April. The course gives 30 ECTS in total.  The Arctic Semester will be part of the Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering and the Master in Mineral Resource Management.

Many places in the world engineers work under extreme conditions. It could be extreme climate, extreme physical environment or extreme difficult access. Common for those conditions is that you work under abnormal conditions; you cannot use standard methods and procedures. You have to adapt to the extreme condition or develop new methods and procedures.

The Arctic Semester is an opportunity for you to experience the unique environment and the challenges of extreme engineering north of the Arctic Circle:

  • How to design sustainable buildings with comfortable indoor climate in a harsh climate. 
  • How to build roads on permafrost, harbors in icy waters, and tunnels in unstable rock.
  • How to treat waste water and  dispose solid waste in sparsely populated areas.
  • How to manage the logistics in remote areas.

Greenland has it all. If you can do engineering in Greenland, you can do engineering everywhere.