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Heli Greenland

Family-owned and operated. We have an unblemished safety record, and work actively to comply with, and exceed international aviation- and tourism standards in safety, compliance and environmental impact.
Flying is our passion. Safety our mission.

We provide by-the-hour charters and contracted helicopter project support, as well as flight-seeing tour packages. We have over 25-yrs of Greenland arctic experience, flying helicopters in all regions summer and winter. Greenland is, with more than 2,175 mio. square kilometers and 44,000 kilometers of coastline, by definition the biggest island in the world.
Greenland is our playground.

Our experienced pilots and technicians have a good field-work attitude, and are for compliance of safety and quality standards, selected and ranked into different mission categories. Pending total flight hours experience, as well as individual backgrounds, skill levels and specialized mission training requirements.