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Helicopter share at STN Area

St. Nord, Kap Morris Jesup, Danmarkshavn
Type of transport
Civil helicopter
Open seats, if any
Contact Egon
Available payload, if any
Contact Egon
Greenland, North-East

Share of helicopter in North and North-east Greenland.

A private expedition is ending at STN on July 23. From July 24 it is possible for several scientific projects to share the costs and helicopter until it leave the STN area on August 13th.

The following scientific projects are included in the plan:

GEUS, Morten Bjerager to Kilen
GEUS, Dirk van As to two weather stations at KPC_L    79.9108N    24.0833W    370m and KPC_U    79.8345N    25.1670W    870m
GEUS, Jørgen Bojesen-Kofoed to Ile de France
DMI, Claus Kern to Krøyer Holme and Kap Morris Jessup
AU, Signe Normand at Princess Ingeborg Halvø
AU, Nicolaj Krog Larsen from Danmakshavn via Station Nord to Qaanaaq
Nanok, Team for restoring the old Alabama hut.

Helicopterplan STN 2016