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Hoelsbu [356] is a former trappers' station, located on the north side of Moskusoksefjord, about 5 km south-east of Genvejsdalen. In 1999 the station was restored by Nanok. Hoelsbu is well suited for overnight stay or as temporary base camp for 1-4 persons. Visitors are welcome to use the house and supplies provided by Nanok during the stay.  

OBS! Visitors must NOT use any supplies belonging to the Sirius Sledge Patrol, including: fuel, coal, food, dog food, equipment, etc.   

The house must always be left only in a good condition, meaning:

  • Any damages repaired
  • All doors and windows / shutters securely closed
  • Coal stove cleaned for ashes and ready for use
  • Floor nicely swept and cleaned
  • Coal bucket filled with coal
  • Pieces of firewood put in paraffin
  • Hut lamp filled and the glass removed
  • Matchboxes with matches ready in opening
  • Snow shovel secured and visible on the outside of the hut
  • Never use all coal and fuel
  • No garbage or open and smelling food in or near the hut
  • Never leave any food opened. The smell attracts polar bears, and nobody else will eat it anyway

Note: Due to possible damage by polar bears the present condition of the station is unknown. 

You are welcome to contact Nanok, if you need further information. Nanok would appreciate any report from your stay.  

Number in brackets [ ] refer to hut number in PS Mikkelsen: North-East Greenland 1908-60.  The Trapper Era. The Scott Polar Research Institute (2008).