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Ice2ice - What if Arctic sea ice disappears?


Project start
Project end
Type of project
Project theme
Sea ice
Project topic
Atmosphere - ocean coupling
Climate research
Glacier - ocean coupling
Past climate studies
Sea ice

Fieldwork / Study

Fieldwork country
Greenland (DK)
Fieldwork region
Arctic (entire region)
Fieldwork location

Geolocation is 84.880443017833, -35.859375

Fieldwork start
Fieldwork end

Project details

Science / project plan

Project aims: ice2ice is the first concerted effort to tackle the question of the cause and future implications of past abrupt climate change in Greenland, the main hypothesis being that the Arctic and sub-Arctic sea ice cover exerts important controls on past and future Greenland temperature and ice sheet variations. In ice2ice this will be done by:

  • - describing the nature, timing and extent of abrupt events across climate archives,
  • - resolving mechanisms behind the sudden demise of sea ice cover,
  • - identifying the risk that the ongoing rapid diminution of Arctic sea ice cover could give abrupt GIS changes in the future,
  • - determining the impacts of such changes for the GIS and Arctic and global climate.

DMI's role: To further develop and apply global and regional Earth system models to be able to conduct experiments addressing the central question of the project. This involves, high resolution atmosphere modeling, a coupled high resolution regional climate model for the Arctic and using the global EC-Earth model. In most cases with an interactive ice sheet model (PISM) being part of the system.