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Ilulissat Climate Days 2015


Changes of the Greenland cryosphere

Ongoing observations confirm the accelerating changes of the Greenland and Arctic cryosphere – the ice sheet, sea ice and permafrost. The changes of the Greenland ice sheet include a more than doubling of ice melt, more icebergs due to rapidly speeding outlet glaciers, and a thinning sea ice cover with shorter ice seasons and diminishing ice concentration.

Cryosphere changes in Greenland and the Arctic are spectacular manifestations of global climate change, and have made Greenland quite a “hotbed” for international science in recent years. Recent events, such as the summer 2012 record melt, which for the first time saw melt across the entire ice sheet, have focussed even more attention on the Greenland changes, and the potential impact on global sea level.

The Ilulissat Climate Days will especially address recent, ongoing and future changes in the ice in and around Greenland, with a special focus on the effects for the Greenland society. These effects have significant impact on traditional hunting and fisheries, but also new opportunities for hydrocarbon exploration, mining and hydropower.

The Ilulissat Climate Days will follow up from the similar workshop during the Nuuk Climate Days 2009, which attracted more than 150 scientists, stakeholders and policy makers.

Ilulissat Climate Days are comprised of different workshops and conferences on this topic:
• June 2-3: The Changes of the Greenland Cryosphere (CGC) workshop
• June 4-5: Final Conference of the Nordic Center of Excellence SVALI project

Besides from the workshop and conference mentioned above, which are open to all, meetings of the ESA Climate Change Initiative Ice Sheets Project will be arranged. Participation in these meetings are open by request.

Changes of the Greenland Cryosphere (CGC) workshop

The primary intention of the Changes of the Greenland Cryosphere (CGC) workshop is to bring together relevant researchers, stakeholders and policy makers, with the first half of the workshop planned for overview and stakeholder talks, and the second part for more specific science talks.

The CGC workshop will focus on the following topics:
• Greenland climate - past, present and future – observations and modelling
• Measurement of ice sheet changes by remote sensing from space and aircraft
• Mass balance and dynamics of Greenland glaciers
• Sea ice changes in the Greenland Seas and Arctic Ocean
• Impact of ice melt on the environment and ecosystems
• Permafrost and local society effects

The CGC workshop will be followed as an integral part of the activities by the SVALI workshop:

Final Conference of the Nordic Center of Excellence SVALI project

The Conference of the Nordic Center of Excellence SVALI project will focus on two main topics:
• Changes of the Arctic and North-Atlantic land ice
• Glacier and ice cap changes, process understanding, and impacts on sea level

Contributed science abstracts will be assigned for either oral or poster presentation. Due to the limited time and size of the meeting facilities, not all submitted abstracts can be expected to be presented as requested.

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