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Impact of snow cover on the inorganic carbon dynamic within sea ice

Expected field work start date
03 May 2015
Expected field work end date
25 May 2015
Aarhus University
Project category
Type of project
Project theme
Sea ice
Project topic
Climate research
Fieldwork country
Fieldwork region
North-East Greenland


CO2 fluxes on sea ice, once the snow is removed.

The goal of this project is to determine the role of the snow on the inorganic carbon dynamic, associated with the evolution of the algal community changes under different snow cover. Snow cover has a strong impact on the sea ice thermodynamics and has been suggested to buffer the exchange of CO2 between the ice and the atmosphere. We will look into snow thickness, density, salinity, temperature, structure and we will determine if the snow cover could contain any CO2 (through measurement of total alkalinity and total dissolved inorganic carbon) and we will associated this with measurements of CO2 fluxes. In addition complete profile for inorganic carbon will be perform within sea ice, under different snow cover.

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18 Mar 2017