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Expected field work start date
05 Jul 2017
Expected field work end date
10 Aug 2017
Groupe de Recherche en Ecologie Arctique - ECOPOLARIS
Project category
Type of project
Project theme
Terrestrial ecosystems
Project topic
Terrestial mammals
Fieldwork country
Fieldwork region
North-East Greenland


Field camp at Hocstetter Forland

The "Interactions" project is a long term effort devoted to the study of cyclic predator-prey interactions in changing arctic terrestrial communities (main target species are lemmings, arctic foxes, stoat, snowy owl, skuas and shorebirds). It started in 2010 in NE Greenland, with a close collaboration between 3 teams and study sites (Hochstetter, Zackenberg and Karupelv Valley) and was extended to 12 Arctic sites in 2016 (3 x Greenland, 3 x Russia, 4 x Canada, 1x  Alaska and 1 x Sweden).

The current project at Hochstetter Forland is mainly supported by the French Polar Institute (IPEV). It started in 2010 and will last at least until 2018.

Field work is organizer jointly by the University of Burgundy (France) and the NGO "Groupe de rencheche en ├ęcologie Arctique (Arctic Ecology Research Group).

Last updated
20 Mar 2017