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Iqaluit Meteorological supersite as part of the Canadian Arctic Weather Science (CAWS) project

Ground-based remote sensing meteorological instruments for enhanced observations of the Arctic atmosphere.

The Canadian Arctic Weather Science Project (CAWS) is a science-based project aimed at testing new technologies, advancing science for the numerical weather forecast, enhancing forecast products for the north, and providing recommendations on a meteorological observing system for the Canadian Arctic. CAWS sites provide:
– Near-real time data (no operational commitment) made available to the public and researchers via
– Enhanced evaluation of Arctic forecasts
• Integrate satellite data: GPM (precipitation) cal/val underway, EarthCARE (radiation) and ADM-Aeolus (wind) upcoming
• Working with local communities: provide relevant and reliable information
• Working internationally: observations contribute to WMO YOPP project
• Working with academia: accelerate results and enhance highly-qualified personnel on areas of interest for ECCC