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Version 2 of the platform is now available including a variety of new features

Isaaffik Arctic Gateway was successfully launched on March 31st 2015. The homepage of Isaaffik’s first year of existence has inevitably brought some childhood diseases to the surface. Version 2 of the platform is now available including a variety of new features:  

  • New infrastructure map with improved Arctic map projection
  • Improved map filter functions
  • News List at front page
  • Latest ISAAFFIK article always at front page
  • Improved options for attaching photos, PDFs and other files to Travels, Articles and Events
  • Newsletter subscribe function with individual user options
  • Events calendar
  • Simplified user registration process, also available directly from front page
  • Improved search function
  • Archive function to browse Events and Travels
  • “My ISAAFFIK”-page with individual user setting options

Isaaffik is Greenlandic for large door or gate. The website was established to acknowledge an ever-increasing need for collaboration and coordination among the Arctic research community. The website thus represents the concerted effort of the Universities of Copenhagen (KU), Aarhus (AU), and Southern Denmark (SDU), the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GN), the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), the Joint Arctic Command, and GEUS, supported by the Ministry of Higher education and Science.

Additional institutions may join later, and others may be accepted as partners without formal membership/sponsorship. Employees of sponsor and partner institutions are accepted as users/members of Isaaffik upon registration, whereas potential users/members from other institutions, including institutions outside “the Kingdom of Denmark”, will be granted access upon endorsement by the Isaaffik Board.

The objective of the Isaaffik Arctic Gateway is to create a virtual venue for the Arctic research community in “the Kingdom of Denmark” (Greenland, Denmark and the Faroe Islands), thereby providing a platform for information-sharing in a broad sense, and allowing colleagues from sponsor and partner institutions to benefit from any spare capacity and thus reduce costs for all.

Isaaffik Arctic Gateway rests on four pillars: ”Research”, ”Education”, “Consultancy”, and “Logistics”. A number of local coordinators are assigned at the individual institutions. See list of coordinators and contact information here.

The aim of Isaaffik is to be the place where researchers working in the high Arctic post their fieldwork and travels, courses, etc. as well as where projects are announced and new results are being flagged. At the same time Isaaffik should be the place where one should look to find partners for new projects and keep track of what ones colleagues are doing and how they can be contacted.

Employees at participating institutions can become members, simply log onto and follow the log-on instructions.

Last updated
3 April 2017