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License-related fieldwork and shallow borehole drilling in Northeast Greenland 2017

Expected field work start date
15 Jul 2017
Expected field work end date
15 Aug 2017
Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
Project category
Type of project
Project theme
Project topic
Fieldwork country
Fieldwork region
North-East Greenland

Project area: Wollaston Forland and Store Koldewey

Period of fieldwork: early/mid July – mid August 2017

Base camp: The expedition (approximately 20 participants) will be based in Daneborg and after agreement made with Aarhus University make use of the “Marin Basis“ facilities for lodging of helicopter crew and logistics personnel.

Helicopter: The expedition will have a fully chartered helicopter during the whole period. The helicopter may temporarily be based in Danmarkshavn around the start of August. Can be sub chartered if plans and logistics fit.

Transport: Mobilisation and demobilisation of personnel will take place using Twinotter, coordinated and in collaboration with Zackenberg Research station.

Field activities including shallow core drilling and traditional fieldwork will take place on Wollaston Forland and on Store Koldewey, with the principal objective of improving our understanding of the petroleum reservoir properties of Jurassic sand-dominated successions in the area. The work is carried out in collaboration with the license-holding companies  in the Danmarkshavn Basin.

Last updated
18 Mar 2017