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Magnetic ground station Daneborg

Network of magnetic ground stations

DTU Space is monitoring the Earths magnetic field with a network of ground stations in Greenland, Denmark, and the South Atlantic. An array with 18 stations at coastal locations is operated in Greenland, previously 5 stations were maintained on the Greenland Ice Cap in cooperation with Virginia Tech, USA. All stations provide full vector geomagnetic field information with 1 Hz resolution. THL, GDH, NAQ, BFE and TDC are geomagnetic observatories and calibrated to Intermagnet standards. 

The data from the stations are used, inter alia, to calculate the difference between true north and magnetic north. The data from the monitoring stations can be streamed in real time and used to display the current difference between the geographic and magnetic north. A distinction that is important in relation to navigation; particularly at high latitudes, where interference from Earth's magnetic field provides a greater difference between geographic and magnetic north than anywhere else on Earth. Combined with data from satellite measurements, the geomagnetic stations are used to make a geomagnetic model that shows the difference between the geographic and magnetic north.

The map on the right shows the location of the 18 stations in the greenlandic network (red). The 5 stations (blue) in the middle of the map are the stations that were in use from 1991-2006.