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NEEM camp

The NEEM ice core drilling camp was constructed in 2008 and was active until May 2015. The camp was packed down, and all camp assets were pulled 460 km over land to the new EGRIP camp for a future deep ice core drilling.

At the NEEM location there is presently an automatic weather station operated by the PARCA (GC-net) programme, and an automatic seismic station operated by the GLISN network. The casing pipe of the NEEM deep ice borehole is extended above the surface, and it is our intent to remeasure the borehole within the next 5 years.

NEEM was an IPY program with 14 international partners ( and 52% Danish funding and 30% support from U.S. National Science Foundation. Leadership and logistic planning was done by the Centre for Ice and Climate ( From 2008 until 2012 NEEM camp was home to 20-35 scientists for 100 days each summer. In total there were 12500 man days spent at NEEM, in the following groups: Students/young scientists 52%, senior scientists 24% and logistics 24%. More than 250 individuals had the opportunity to work at NEEM. 

The main goal for NEEM was reached in 2010 when the drill reached bedrock after drilling 2538 m ice core. In 2011 and 2012, several samples from the basal material were obtained using a rock drill.

NEEM camp has also been host for:

Shallow ice core drilling by AWI, Bremerhaven, test of new intermediate drill by the Roosewelt Island project from New Zealand, drilling of a 400 m intermediate core, test of a new drilling fluid, several programs to sample firn air in the snow pack, test of unmanned aeroplane with radar(Kansas University), the GLISN seismic project, the PARCA weather station program, GEUS seismometer, airport for staging several projects on the NW greenland ice sheet.