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NEEM EGRIP traverse 2015


Project start
Project end
Type of project
Project theme
Infrastructure & logistics
Project topic
Climate research
Infrastructure & logistics

Fieldwork / Study

Fieldwork country
Fieldwork region
Greenland Ice Sheet
Fieldwork location

Geolocation is 71.694972752561, -37.96875

Fieldwork start
Fieldwork end

Project details

Science / project plan

Logistic plan for EGRIP 2015

Principal Investigator: dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Centre for Ice and Climate, Niels Bohr Institute.

Time 26 April to 7 June 2015.

The overall logistical goal is to move all remaining NEEM drilling camp equipment by overland traverse to the new EGRIP position. At EGRIP we plan to layout the future camp, place the main dome in position, construct garages and build a skiway. A request for area allotment has been sent to the Greenlandic Authorities. A set of environmental conditions has been issued to EGRIP. These are similar to the conditions imposed on NEEM, so we have no doubt that we can fulfill them. It is also a goal to support scientific activities at NEEM, en-route and at EGRIP. To accomplish the overall goal, the campaign can be broken down into the following steps:

  1. Ensure we have enough tractor power and fuel to pull the est. 200 tons of cargo over the snow.
  2. Re-activate NEEM camp and build a Ski Landing Area to receive 4 LC-130 flights (one flight is the initial put-in).
  3. In two weeks, excavate the main dome and pull it to the surface, break down and stow garages and remaining equipment on sleds and taking down the ski Landing Area.
  4. In approx. 10 days pull all equipment to EGRIP.
  5. In two weeks, place the main dome in new position at EGRIP, mark out the new camp, construct two garages and build a new skiway.
  6. Support the U.S. GrIT tractor on its onwards journey to Summit.
  7. Close down the new EGRIP camp and leave camp.
  8. Support of science during the campaign.

Ad.1:              Already 1.5 years ago the U.S. NSF graciously agreed to our request to leave a CASE tractor from the GrIT traverse, sled and fuel in depot at NEEM in 2014. Our calculations indicated, that in order to have enough tractor power, we needed a new Pistenbully (PB 300). This has been purchased in Germany in February. Due to transport restraints, the only way to get this PB 300 to NEEM in time was to ship it through the U.S. for air lift to Kangerlussuaq. It will be air lifted to NEEM in sections and assembled on site. This is why we need four flights by LC-130 to NEEM.

Ad.2:              The old NEEM skiway from 2012 has been lost, as most markers have disappeared. We will mark a new one on top of the old.

Ad.3:              A substantial amount of snow has accumulated around the garages and main dome and this has to be removed before the buildings are taken down or moved.

Ad.4:              At NEEM there are 7 heavy sleds and one U.S. GrIT carpet sled. We will transfer fuel from the NEEM steel tanks to U.S. fuel bladders for ease of transport. We will stow all equipment onto sleds for transport. Five tracked vehicles will pull the cargo: 2 x PB 300, 2 x Flexmobils and one CASE tractor. The CASE tractor will pull the 45 ton Main Dome. We plan to use the main dome as quarters and kitchen during the traverse.

Ad.5:              After arrival at EGRIP, the main dome will be placed in position and the new camp marked out in accordance to the plans. Fuel will be transferred back to the steel tanks, and after two days the U.S. CASE tractor accompanied by a scientific snowmobile team will continue upstream towards Summit. Snow hills will be constructed and the two garages will be built. The garages will be stocked with equipment and the remaining equipment will be placed on heavy sleds in a cargo line. A new, fully marked skiway will be laid out and groomed in preparation of two LC-130 flights that will test the skiway and eventually perform the pull-out from EGRIP.

Ad.6:              The U.S.GrIT has graciously agreed that the route of the CASE tractor onwards to Summit can be along the ice stream. It will be accompanied by a science team for upstream measurements. The science team and snowmobiles will be flown out of Summit.

Ad.7:              The goal of this point is to leave EGRIP stocked with fuel and in an overwintering state that allows us to open and re-activate the camp in 2016 within 36 hours.

Ad.8:              At NEEM there will be support for the following activities: Borehole logging, re-measurements of strain-net and GLISN. En-route, two snowmobile teams will be active, a radar and GPS positioning team and a snow sampling and surface ice coring team. At NEEM we will support U.S. PARCA program and a NASA team and a GEUS seismic project.