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Nordøstgrønlandsk Kompagni Nanok

Nordøstgrønlandsk Kompagni Nanok is a private, non-profit organisation founded in 1992 upon the former Østgrønlandsk Fangstkompagni Nanok A/S, founded in 1929.

The aim of Nanok is a.o. to contribute to disseminate knowledge of North-East Greenland and its cultural history and to contribute in securing the cultural monuments and buildings in the area.

Nanok consists of a board of seven and a number of individual “Nanok'ers”. All work in Nanok is voluntary and unpaid.

Each summer, Nanok dispatch a field team of typically six persons divided on two teams who work in North-East Greenland for three to five weeks. The result of this work is documented and published in a field report. The board chooses the expedition participants, typical persons with an intimate knowledge of North-East Greenalnd. In the years 1991-2016 a total of 160 Nanok'ers – or more than 75 private individuals – has been dispatched to North- East Greenland.

To perform its tasks, Nanok controls a considerable amount of expedition equipment; however Nanok possesses no property in Greenland.

Nanok projects are sponsored by the Aage V. Jensens Fonde (AVJF).

Nanok is furthermore supported by a number of private contributors. Among Nanok’s many, supportive partners are: Royal Arctic Line (RAL), Norlandair, Air Greenland, Arctic Research Centre (ARC), Arctic Science Partnership (ASP), Greenland Self Government, The Greenland National Museum & Archive, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR), Joint Arctic Command (JACO), The Sirius Dog Sledge Patrol, Defence Guard Mestersvig, and the Education- & Maintaining Section Greenland (UVG).

Since 1991 Nanok has repaired and maintained approx. 50 cultural historic huts in North-East Greenland and for this effort gained considerable public recognition. The huts Nanok restore are available for shared use by anyone, including scientific expeditions, the Sirius Patrol, tourists, and the public in general.

Encouraged by The Greenland Self Government, in the years 2003-2007 Nanok carried out a new, unique survey of all old cultural historical cabins and stations in North-East Greenland. The records were made available free of charge for The Greenland National Museum & Archive in Nuuk. Extensive material from these surveys, incl. photos and GPS positions, is published in: “North-East Greenland 1908-60. The Trapper Era” (Mikkelsen 2008)

Nanok has since 2010 had a formal cooperative agreement with The Greenland National Museum & Archive in Nuuk.