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Partial Support of the Arctic Human Development Report II (AHDR-II)


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Education & Outreach

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The goal of the Arctic Human Development Report II (AHDR-II) is to provide a second assessment and synthesis report on the state of human development in the Arctic, ten years after the initial report. This project will enable that the seven U.S. lead authors of AHDR-II can participate in critical project meetings, which are typically held in Denmark. In addition, the project will partially fund several "town-hall meetings" in various arctic locations (e.g., Alaska, Canada, Russia, Sweden). These meetings are being held in non-academic settings and are intended to stimulate feedback to draft chapters of the report by arctic residents. Finally, the project will support the dissemination of results of AHDR-II by contributions to a printed report and through assistance for establishing and maintaining an AHDR-II website, where updates and other products relevant for the user-community will be posted in regular intervals.