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Partial Support for the Planning and Organization of the Tenth International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences


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Since 1992, the International Congress for Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS) has brought together scholars from around the world to share the results from Arctic social science research and explore opportunities for collaboration. The Congress provides an opportunity to discuss research methodologies, strategies, and results, and promotes international collaboration. It provides a venue for the dissemination of knowledge and cross-fertilization of thought in social sciences and humanities, between the social and natural sciences, and increasingly includes Indigenous participation from the Arctic and Sub-Arctic. NSF funding is a US contribution to planning and organization of ICASS X. Funds will support the development of the scientific agenda, program, and logistics for the Congress and support efforts to recruit a diverse and multidisciplinary group of participants. Specific objectives include: (1) create and select the Organizing Committee; (2) develop ICASS themes, calls for sessions, calls for papers, and selection/review of suitable contributions; (3) develop ICASS X scientific program and logistics; (4) disseminate the information about ICASS X to ensure broad and diverse participation in the Congress with the emphasis to engage early career scientists and Indigenous scholars; (5) design the outreach plan to engage local communities and extend broader impacts.