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PolarGlobe: Powering up Polar Cyberinfrastructure Using M-Cube Visualization for Polar Climate Studies


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The project aims at developing and implementing techniques for multivariate, multi-dimensional, and multi-faceted visualizations to support polar climate studies. Specifically, the project will focus on the following objectives. Objective 1: develop a "PolarGlobe" virtual earth and map engine with programming interface aided by cutting-edge visualization techniques that will serve as an Arctic research platform. The platform will support virtual scene simulation, volumetric graphics rendering, true terrain rendering, and dynamic scene alternation. Objective 2: A location-aware, cyber-enabled multivariate visualization technique aimed at supporting cross-sectional and longitudinal climate studies. Objective 3: A 2.5D visualization module that realizes seamless service-oriented integration of climate data with true-terrain scenes supported by a highly efficient, high spatial-resolution terrain server. Objective 4: A multi-faceted visualization module for examining complex climate patterns from different perspectives. Objective 5: A general visualization platform to support interactive, intuitive and responsive visualization of polar climate data. The development of this new polar CI portal visualization technique will serve as an intuitive, interactive and collaborative decision-making platform to uncover the unknown spatiotemporal dynamics in the polar climate and to advance the understanding of regional to global climate complexity. The cyberinfrastructure platform here developed will also serve as a very effective teaching tool for students in climate studies, polar sciences and geographic information science.