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RCN-SEES Arctic-FROST: Arctic FRontiers Of SusTainability: Resources, Societies, Environments and Development in the Changing North


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RCN-SEES Arctic-FROST: Arctic Frontiers Of SusTainability: Resources, Societies, Environments and Development in the Changing North is an international interdisciplinary collaborative network and platform for research exchange, developing an interdisciplinary synthesis and establishing a future international research program about Arctic and sub-Arctic sustainability and sustainable development. The first US-based circumpolar initiative of this kind and magnitude after the International Polar Year (IPY, 2007-08), Arctic-FROST builds on IPY's success new collaborative research opportunities. The purpose of the network is to contribute to conceptual, applied and educational aspects of sustainability science about the Arctic and beyond. Arctic-FROST teams environmental and social scientists, local educators and community members from all circumpolar countries to enable and mobilize research on sustainable Arctic development, specifically aimed at improving health, human development and well-being while conserving ecosystem structures, functions and resources. Arctic-FROST addresses three overarching questions: What does sustainable development in the Arctic mean, locally, regionally, and globally? How is sustainable development attainable in a changing Arctic? What are the best ways of measuring achievements towards adaptation, thrivability and sustainable development in the Arctic? Arctic-FROST organizes meetings and workshops that involve young, Indigenous scholars and members of underrepresented groups, coordinates educational activities, presentation and validation of research results through researcher/community workshops and educational initiatives. Arctic-FROST supports knowledge dissemination and methodological cross-pollination across the four themes of sustainable regions, economies, cultures, and environments. Arctic-FROST facilitates data sharing and exchange, contributing significantly to Arctic research and cyberinfrastructure.