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Sea level station monitoring facility Ittoqqortoormiit Scoresbysund

Sea level stations - monitoring facilities in Greenland

The danish Space Institute at the Technichal University of Denmark contributes to international collaboration on monitoring sea level and warning of tsunamis by operating tide gauges in Greenland.  

The objective of this service is to provide information about the operational status of global and regional networks of real time sea level station and to provide a display service for quick inspection of the raw data stream from individual stations. The sea level stations provide near real-time data - observations (5 minutes interval) are available within 5-10 minutes from the time they have been logged on at the location. 

In addition, the sea level stations contribute to the global sea level observing system GLOSS and provide information about sea level in the Arctic region. Subsequently, the stations plays a key role in maintaining the geodetic reference system in Greenland.