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Tentative schedule 2016 for AKO maritime units at Northeast Greenland (NEG)

Type of transport
Naval ship
Open seats, if any
TBD Space available
Available payload, if any
TBD Space available
Greenland, North-East


Joint Arctic Command (JACO) naval ship expect to navigate according to the tentative schedule shown in Table 1.  If space is available JACO can offer transport opportunities for scientists / scientific purposes.

Table 1: Tentative schedule 2016 for JACO maritime units at Northeast Greenland (NEG)
  Period  Vessel type   Application deadline    Comments  
  01 August to 31 August 2016    THET-CLASS01 May 2016 



  • Applicant must be a registered member of Isaaffik.
  • If the application includes personal traveling in remote parts of Greenland, then the applicant must obtain a permit for travel in such areas before submitting the application to Isaaffik. See the official Greenland Government website for expeditions and research projects in remote parts of Greenland.
  • Each application must be evaluated and approved by applicant's own institution before submittal to Isaaffik. See list of local logistics coordinators at:
  • Approved projects must be registered in Isaaffik.

Treatment of requests:

  • Permission for traffic and stay in Northeast Greenland (NEG) is given by the Government of Greenland after consultation with the Chief Constable of Greenland and Joint Arctic Command. Permission is granted only with the agreement of these two authorities.

Ship transportation of personnel:

  • Applications are evaluated relative to free space on the naval vessel.
  • If there is room on the specific travel transport can be offered. 
  • However, any travel may be canceled, postponed or re-prioritized at any time relative to Joint Arctic Command's own needs and other factors. This may cause that external passengers are delayed, will be left on another destination, or do not come with the specific travel. In such cases it will be the individual himself, who is responsible for his onward journey.

Ship transportation of cargo:

  • Applications are evaluated relative to free space on the naval vessel.
  • Any scheduled travel may be re-prioritized at any time relative to the Joint Arctic Command's own needs as well as external factors.




Table 2: List of received applications for logistics support
  Appl. No    Date of appl.   Applicant name (PI) & e-mail link Institution name    Project title & link to appl. Appl. type No of persons  Cargo (kg)   Volume (m3) Priority  Status
1a 04 MAR 2016Jens Quirin Hansen / Claus Kern-Hansen DMI

Service of national weatherstations: Aputitiq

 Logistics 2 200 1½-21Accept
1b 04 MAR 2016

Jens Quirin Hansen / Claus Kern-Hansen


Service of national weatherstations: Ikermiit-Ikermiuarsuk-PrinsChrSund-Angisoq

 Logistics 2 300 max 21Accept
217 MAY 2016Peter Schmidt MikkelsenNANOKNanok materialer til Alabama-huset på ShannonLogistics 20012Accept