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The terrestrial carbon sink in the North

13.30-14.15. CENPERM/Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, Øster Voldgade10, Rød Stue, area 6, 1. Floor

The terrestrial carbon sink in the North

Guy Schurges, Associate Professor, IGN/ CENPERM

The terrestrial biosphere is currently a net sink for carbon dioxide. High latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere contribute to this sink, and climate-carbon cycle model projections for the future anticipate enhanced carbon storage in high latitudes. Increase in carbon dioxide concentrations enhances the terrestrial carbon storage globally. In contrast, temperature rise causes a decrease of the carbon sink for many regions. However, high latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere are an exception to that: they are expected to enhance carbon storage with rising temperatures, because temperature is limiting plant growth in these regions.

In the current study, I will explore how robust these model estimates for the carbon sink are for the high latitudes, and I will assess how different scenarios and differences in climate sensitivity affect this anticipated carbon sink.

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