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Trace gas flux survey of high arctic ecosystems

Expected field work start date
01 Aug 2015
Expected field work end date
22 Aug 2015
Aarhus University
Project category
Type of project
Project theme
Terrestrial ecosystems
Project topic
Climate research
Environmental science
Fieldwork country
Fieldwork region
North-East Greenland

This subproject will conduct a survey of ecosystem trace gas exchanges in both terrestrial, limnic and near coastal water. The survey will be conducted with a novel mobile automatic chamber based system combined with a new portable laser based multigas analyser. The main focus of the survey will be the terrestrial ecosystems and the scale of fluxes in this extreme high arctic environment at the height of the growing season will be compared with the long-term record of terrestrial trace gas exchanges avalaible from the Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring program at Zackenberg.

Field site: Villum Research Station, Station Nord, Greenland


Last updated
07 Apr 2017