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User guide: How to announce content in ISAAFFIK?


Any registered user with a personal profile at ISAAFFIK is welcome to announce projects, expeditions, courses, activities, participate in informal discussions, and more on the platform. It's quickly done following these three steps:

  1. Login to
  2. Select "Add content" in "My profile" men - or yellow "pen" icon - and select the category in which you want to add new content. A template for the selected category will appear.
  3. Fill in the template and save the content. The content will be published on the ISAAFFIK website.

Any registered ISAAFFIK user can make announcements in the following three categories:

  • Project  - for any kind of research projects, expeditions, field work, and other activities with a timeframe and a location
  • Logistics - exclusively for logistic purposes, e.g. suggestions to share flights or other transport opportunities, mainly to remote geographical areas
  • Events - announce upcoming events, which might be of interest to other people to join.
  • News - write and publicize your own News articles or notices about your Arctic research achievements, activities, or other subjects relevant to the Arctic research community and public in general
  • Data-links - a brand new initiative from the ISAAFFIK team for you to share references and links to ANY kind of new or not least old data information relevant for Arctic research community and fellow colleagues. This may include almost anything - anywhere, ranging from references to well-known large databases, sparsely known archives/records/libraries, private collections, or almost forgotten old dusty handwritten logbooks and diaries, which may be known only to yourself and well hidden somewhere in a remote vault. All you have to do is to make a short description of the “data”, and where to find it and / or whom to contact.

Appointed ISAAFFIK coordinators are also permitted to make announcements in these additional four categories:

  • Course - for any kind of education or traning
  • Job - for announcing job opportunities