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Andreas P. Ahlstrøm


CV - Andreas Peter Ahlstrøm

Date of Birth: October 20, 1972
Nationality: Danish
Education: PhD in Physical Geography, University of Copenhagen, 2003;
Cand. scient. in Geophysics, University Copenhagen & Lancaster University, 1999

Professional Career
2017-present: Chief Research Consultant, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)
2009-2016: Senior Research Scientist, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)
2006-2009: Research Scientist, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)
2003-2005: Assistant Professor, Ørsted-DTU, Technical University of  Denmark (DTU)

Management Experience

  • Theme Leader in the EU research project INTAROS (112 MDKK) (2016-2021): Co-management of EU H2020 Societal Challenge project (>200 people, 48 institutions, 20 countries)
  • Theme Leader + Outreach Leader in the Nordic Centre of Excellence SVALI (35 MDKK) (2010-2016): Co-management of Nordic Top-level Research Initiative (45 people, 18 institutions, 5 countries)

  • Work Package Leader in the EU research project ice2sea (75 MDKK) (2009-2013): Co-management of flagship EU-FP7 project (>100 people, 24 institutions, 13 countries)
  • Project Design & Management of the Danish governmental monitoring programme for the Greenland ice sheet PROMICE (>50 MDKK) (2007-date, Project Leader 2007-2012) (>20 people, 3 institutions, 2 countries)
  • Design & Co-lead of the monitoring programme GlacioBasis, NE Greenland (>6 MDKK) (2008-date): Part of the Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring Programme (7 institutions, 3 countries)
  • PI/co-PI on 11 scientific research projects + initiation and lead/co-lead on a range of commercial projects on glaciological issues with mining or hydropower in Greenland (c. 22 MDKK) (2003-date)



  • Arctic Council, AMAP Climate Expert Group: Appointed Member
  • Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities & Climate: Expert Advisor on glaciology/sea level
  • IASC Network on Arctic Glaciology: National Representative (also Chairman 2008-2012)
  • International Greenland Ice Sheet-Ocean Interactions (GRISO) Network: Advisory Committee
  • International Association of Cryospheric Sciences under IUGG: National Representative
  • International Glaciological Society: National Correspondent
  • Committee member of the SEARCH Land Ice Action Team
  • Censor on the University Corps of External Examiners (Physics) & international PhD committees


Key Competencies

  • Management & design of environmental monitoring programmes – specifically in glaciology
  • Management & design of large-scale international research projects/networks
  • Scientific research on the mass balance of ice sheets and glaciers – author/co-author on 42 peer-reviewed papers (with >100 colleagues), 14 reports, 4 PhD students, >20 years field experience
  • Commercial glaciology and consultancy related to mining, hydropower and water in Greenland – author/co-author on 10 reports
  • Governmental consultancy on climate change and politically sensitive issues in glaciology – UNFCCC, delegations to Greenland, ad hoc handling of cases
  • Outreach e-learning, web portals, media strategy, international TV/films, embedded journalism – leader on 4 dedicated outreach projects


Selected Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Ahlstrøm*, A.P., D. Petersen*, P. L. Langen, M. Citterio, J. E. Box (2017) Abrupt shift in the observed runoff from the southwestern Greenland ice sheet, Science Advances, 3: e1701169 (* shared first-authorship).
  • Stibal, M., J.E. Box, K.A. Cameron, P.L. Langen, M.L. Yallop, R.H. Mottram, A.L. Khan, N.P. Molotch, N.A.M. Chrismas, F. Calì Quaglia, D. Remias, C.J.P.P. Smeets, M.R. van den Broeke, J.C. Ryan, A. Hubbard, M. Tranter, D. van As, A.P. Ahlstrøm (2017) Algae drive enhanced darkening of bare ice on the Greenland ice sheet, Geophys. Res. Lett., doi:10.1002/2017GL075958.
  • Machguth, H., Thomsen, H.H., Weidick, A., Ahlstrøm, A.P., Abermann, J., Andersen, M.L., Andersen, S.B., Bjørk, A.A., Box, J.E., Braithwaite, R.J., Bøggild, C.E., Citterio, M., Clement, P., Colgan, W., Fausto, R.S., Gleie, K., Gubler, S., Hasholt, B., Hynek, B., Knudsen, N.T., Larsen, S.H., Mernild, S.H., Oerlemans, J., Oerter, H., Olesen, O.B., Smeets, C.J.P.P., Steffen, K., Stober, M., Sugiyama, S., Van As, D., Van den Broeke, M.R. and Van de Wal, R.S.W. (2016) Greenland surface mass-balance observations from the ice-sheet ablation area and local glaciers, Journal of Glaciology, pp. 1–27. doi: 10.1017/jog.2016.75.
  • Larsen, S.H., S.A. Khan, A.P. Ahlstrøm, C.S. Hvidberg, M.J. Willis, S.B. Andersen (2016) ‘Increased Mass Loss and Asynchronous Behavior of Marine-Terminating Outlet Glaciers at Upernavik Isstrøm, NW Greenland’, J. Geophys. Res. Earth Surf., 121, doi: 10.1002/2015JF003507.
  • Langen, P.L., R.H. Mottram, J.H. Christensen, F. Boberg, C.B. Rodehacke, M. Stendel, D. van As, A.P. Ahlstrøm, J. Mortensen, S. Rysgaard, D. Petersen, K.H. Svendsen, G. Aðalgeirsdóttir, and J. Cappelen (2015) Quantifying Energy and Mass Fluxes Controlling Godthåbsfjord Freshwater Input in a 5-km Simulation (1991–2012), J. Climate, 28, 3694–3713. doi:
  • Andersen, M.L., L. Stenseng, H. Skourup, W. Colgan, S.A. Khan, S.S. Kristensen, S.B. Andersen, J.E. Box, A.P. Ahlstrøm, X. Fettweis, R. Forsberg (2015) Basin-scale partitioning of Greenland ice sheet mass balance components (2007-2011), Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 409, 89–95
  • Van As D., M.L. Andersen, D. Petersen, X. Fettweis, J.H. van Angelen, J.T.M. Lenaerts, M.R. van den Broeke, J.M. Lea, C.E. Bøggild, A.P. Ahlstrøm and K. Steffen (2014) Increasing meltwater discharge from the Nuuk region of the Greenland ice sheet and implications for mass balance (1960-2012), Journal of Glaciology, 60 (220), 314-322
  • Ahlstrøm, A.P., S. B. Andersen, M. L. Andersen, H. Machguth, F. M. Nick, I. Joughin, C. H. Reijmer, R. S. W. van de Wal, J. P. Merryman Boncori, J. E. Box, M. Citterio, D. van As, R. S. Fausto, and A. Hubbard (2013) Seasonal velocities of eight major marine-terminating outlet glaciers of the Greenland ice sheet from continuous in situ GPS instruments, Earth System Science Data, 5, 277-287
  • Citterio, M. and A.P. Ahlstrøm (2013) Brief communication: The aerophotogrammetric map of Greenland ice masses, The Cryosphere, 7, 445-449
  • Andresen, C.S., F. Straneo, M.H. Ribergaard, A.A. Bjørk, T.J. Andersen, A. Kuijpers, N. Nørgaard-Pedersen, K.H. Kjær, F. Schjøth, K. Weckström, A.P. Ahlstrøm (2012) Rapid response of Helheim Glacier in Greenland to climate variability over the past century, Nature Geoscience, 5, 37–41