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Caroline Bouchard


Short CV – Caroline Bouchard

- PhD, Oceanography, Université Laval (2014)
- MSc, Biology, Université Laval (2007)

- Researcher, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (2017-present)
- Postdoctoral reseacher, Université Laval, (2014-2016)
- Postdoctoral reseacher, University of Iceland (2013-2014)

Research areas
Arctic ecosytems, fish ecology, recruitment dynamics, fish early life stages. The overarching objective is to formulate realistic predictions of the response of marine ecosystems to climate change and other anthropogenic pressures.

Peer reviewed publications: 9 International conferences: 17 Reports: 2

- Nordic Council of Ministers: Building Nordic and international partnerships in Arctic marine research (application submitted January 2017, Lead Applicant, 500,000 DKK)
- Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs: EcoBridge (application submitted February 2017, Application contributor, Total 20 mill. NOK, GINR share 1.2 mill. NOK)
- DCE, GINR & BMP: Strategic Environmental Study Plan for Northeast Greenland (2017, WP ‘’Ice communities’’, Lead applicant, 64,000 USD)
- W. Garfield Weston Foundation: The Kitikmeot marine ecosystems study 2016-2018 (Co-applicant, 889,227 CAD)
- W. Garfield Weston Foundation: The Queen Maud Gulf – Victoria Strait marine ecosystem – a pilot study in 2015 (Co-applicant, 243,250 CAD)

- Physical Oceanography, Université Laval, contributor (2010-2016)
- Fisheries Ecology, University of Iceland, contributor (2014)

- Master students: 2 (Co-supervisor)
- Undergraduate students – course Initiation to Research: 4 (Supervisor)

Research stays
- Population Genetics, University of Victoria, Canada. 2012, 5 mo.
- Otolith Microchemistry, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA, 2010, 2.5 mo.
- Population Genetics, University of Tromsø, Norway, 2005, 1 mo.

Oceanographic cruises
- 2016: CCGS Amundsen, ArcticNet, Canadian Arctic, team leader, 1.5 mo
- 2015: CCGS Amundsen, ArcticNet, Canadian Arctic, team leader, 1.5 mo
- 2011: CCGS Amundsen, ArcticNet, Canadian Arctic, 1.5 mo
- 2010: CCGS Amundsen, ArcticNet, Canadian Arctic, 0.5 mo
- 2009: I/B Kapitan Dranitsyn, Nansen and Amundsen Basins Observational System (NABOS), Siberian Arctic, team leader, 1 mo.
- 2009: CCGS Pierre Radisson, ArcticNet, Hudson Bay, team leader, 0.5 mo.
- 2008: CCGS Amundsen, Circumpolar Flaw Lead System Study, Canadian Arctic, team leader, 1.5 mo.
- 2007: R/V Victor Buynitskiy, NABOS, Siberian Arctic, team leader, 1 mo.
- 2005: I/B Kapitan Dranitsyn, NABOS, Siberian Arctic, team leader, 1 mo.
- 2004: I/B Kapitan Dranitsyn, NABOS, Siberian Arctic, 1 mo.
List of Peer-Reviewed Scientific Publications

9. Bouchard C, Mollard S, Suzuki K, Robert D, Fortier L (2016) Contrasting the early life histories of sympatric Arctic gadids Boreogadus saida and Arctogadus glacialis in the Canadian Beaufort Sea. Polar Biology 39: 1005-1022.

8. Bouchard C, Thorrold SR, Fortier L (2015) Spatial segregation, dispersion and migration in early stages of polar cod Boreogadus saida revealed by otolith chemistry. Marine Biology 162: 855-868

7. Woods PJ, Bouchard C, Holland DS, Punt AE, Marteinsdóttir G (2015) Catch-quota balancing mechanisms in the Icelandic multi-species demersal fishery: are all species equal? Marine Policy 55:1-10.

6. Suzuki KW, Bouchard C, Robert D, Fortier L (2015) Spatiotemporal occurrence of summer ichthyoplankton in the southeast Beaufort Sea. Polar Biology 38: 1379-1389.

5. Pepin P, Robert D, Bouchard C, Dower JF, Falardeau M, Fortier L, Jenkins GP, Levesque K, Llopiz JK, Meekan MG, Murphy HM, Ringuette M, Sirois P, Sponaugle S. (2015) Once upon a larva: Revisiting the relationship between feeding success and growth in fish larvae. ICES Journal of Marine Science 72: 359-373. (Editor’s Choice paper).

4. Bouchard C, Robert D, Nelson RJ, Fortier L (2013) The nucleus of the lapillar otolith discriminates the early life stages of Boreogadus saida and Arctogadus glacialis. Polar Biology 36: 1537-1542.

3. Nelson RJ, Bouchard C, Madsen M, Praebel K, Rondeau E, Schalburg K, Leong JS, Jantzen S, Sandwith Z, Puckett S, Messmer A, Fevolden S-E, Koop BF (2013) Microsatellite loci for genetic analysis of the arctic gadids Boreogadus saida and Arctogadus glacialis. Conservation Genetics Resources 5: 445-448.

2. Bouchard C, Fortier L (2011) Circum-arctic comparison of the hatching season of polar cod Boreogadus saida: a test of the freshwater winter refuge hypothesis. Progress in Oceanography 90: 105-116.

1. Bouchard C, Fortier L (2008) Effects of polynyas on the hatching season, early growth and survival of polar cod (Boreogadus saida) in the Laptev Sea. Marine Ecology Progress Series 355: 247-256.