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Dorte Krause-Jensen


2001-onwards Senior scientist, Department of Bioscience, AU
2012-onwards Senior scientist, Arctic Research Centre, AU

Scientific focus areas
My research focuses on the ecology of marine vegetated ecosystems, particularly those dominated by engineering species, such as seagrasses and macroalgae. My research themes include (1) responses of marine vegetation to global and local forcing and impacts on vegetation structure and function, (2) functional roles, ecosystem services and feed-backs of vegetated coastal ecosystems, (3) carbon and nutrient cycling in the coastal zone, and (4) management and conservation incl. use of marine vegetation as indicators of ecosystem status and change. A central approach in my research is the use of large-scale spatio-temporal gradients for identifying general patterns in vegetation response to environmental variables e.g. related to climate change and eutrophication. In particular my focus on the drivers of long-term changes in coastal ecosystems has provided a robust underpinning to understand how these ecosystems respond to climate change.

During the latest years I have directed my activities increasingly towards the Arctic, the most rapidly changing area in the world, where I see a large need for a better understanding of the implications of the accelerated warming on the coastal ecosystems and how to protect and manage these ecosystems in a future with increased pressures on the Arctic coastal zone. I invest my main research efforts in this field where I believe I can provide a major contribution.