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Egon Frandsen


Working area

The primary working area is logistics in the Arctic areas as support of scientific field campaigns and coordinating between the partners in the Arctic Science Partnership (ASP). As a part of this I work with transport of cargo, dangerous goods, administration and applications. I’m overall responsible of the logistic coordination in ASP with respect to the financial opportunities and contact with the Principal Investigators (PI).


  • Keeping overview of the projects
  • Coordination and booking of facilities
  • Optimizing of resources
  • Budget and keep it on track
  • Getting needed equipment for the logistic in the field
  • Packing and transport of cargo
  • Management of Dangerous goods
  • Field work in specific scientific projects


  • Cand.  merc. logstic
  • Dangerous Goods (IATA, ADR and IMDG)
  • Lab. technician