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Henning Jørgen Knudsen


Born: 1948, Copenhagen
Education: cand. scient. 1973.
Positions: assistant professor, curator of mycology, Botanical Museum, University of Copenhagen, 1974 1980, associate professor 1980-2017 (from 2004 at the Natural History Museum of Denmark), 2006-2009 also director of collections.
Administration: member of the institute board of the Botanical Museum 1984-86, deputy director 1996-1999, director 1986-89 + 1999-2002; member of the board of Natural History Museum of Denmark 2006-2009, chief of collections.
Editorial work: 1977 1978: Founder and co editor of the journal URT (member journal for the Danish Botanical Society), 1980 1987 founder and co editor of the journal SVAMPE (member journal for the Danish Mycological Society).
1976 2001: Editor and co-author of Nordic Macromycetes vols. 1-3.
2005-2008: Editor and co-author of Funga Nordica; again in 2012, second edition; in 2018 second edition, second print; co-editor of "Arctic and Alpine Mycology 5" (1998), and of "Arctic and Alpine Mycology 6" (2006); co-organizer of "Arctic and Alpine Mycology 5" in Russia (Siberia) 1996; co-organizer of "Arctic and Alpine Mycology 6" in Kangerlussuaq/Sisimiut 2000.
Main fieldwork outside Europe: Greenland (1983-2015, 7 times); Russia (1990-2005, 2017; 21 times, incl. Polar Urals, Western Siberia, Middle Siberia, Taimyr, Magadan-area, Kamchatka, Russia Far East, Bajkal-area, Yakutia, Altai, Kaukasus, Rostov-na-Danu); Japan (1989-2016, 6 times; Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Yakushima, Iriomote, Japanese Alps); China (Yunnan, Heilongjian, 2001-2005, 4 times); Alaska (Point Barrow) 1980; Svalbard 1988; USA 2008 (Rocky Mts.).
My research field is biodiversity, taxonomy, ecology and distribution of larger fungi, especially basidiomycetes.
Editor and co-author of the funga Nordic Macromycetes (vol. 1-3, 1992, 1997, 2001, Copenhagen, 1227 pp.), including c. 4000 species written by c. 45 mycologists from 8 European countries; editor and co-author of Funga Nordica 2008 and second edition 2012, written by 40 authors and including 3000 spp.

Present research in focused on the basidiomycetes of Arctic and Alpine areas. Our working group (incl. Torbjørn Borgen and Steen A. Elborne) have published a checklist of the basidiomycetes of Greenland comprising 850 species in 2006 (Meddel. om Grønland, Bioscience). At present we are working on a funga of Greenland and other arctic areas based on more than 12.000 collections from Greenland.