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Flemming Merkel


Cand. Scient. (MSc) from Population Biology at University of Copenhagen, 1997 (Thesis: Færøske lunders fødebiologi i ynglesæsonen - ynglesucces, ungevækst, fodringsrytmer samt fødevalg) and a PhD in Arctic seabird ecology from University of New Brunswick and University of Copenhagen, 2006 (Dissertation: Common eiders in Greenland - interactions between harvest, body condition and habitat use in winter). From 1998-2006 employed as a research scientist at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources and was the principal advisor for the Greenland Self Rule in seabird matters and responsible for conducting the research and monitoring activity needed to secure the scientific basis for a sustainable harvest of seabird resources in Greenland. Since 2006 employed as a research/senior research scientist at the National Environmental Research Institute (now Aarhus University) and engaged in research activities and monitoring assignments on seabirds in Greenland in relation to on-going oil exploration. Field of expertise is the marine environment, the population dynamics and behavioural ecology of seabirds and the impact of human activities. Has extensive experience with monitoring techniques, remote tracking, quantification of seabird populations and the integration of local knowledge. Is a member of the Circumpolar Seabird Expert Group (CBird) and The Duck Specialist Group and has contributed to international assessments on Arctic biodiversity, Arctic change adaptations and harvest and to the development of international conservation strategies and action plans for certain Arctic seabird species.