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Henriette Skourup


Dr. Henriette Skourup is a scientist at DTU Space. Over the years Henriette has worked extensively with developing satellite methods, especially from NASA’s laser altimetry mission ICESat and ESA’s radar altimetry mission ENVISAT, to estimate sea ice thickness and ocean topography in the Arctic Ocean. She is involved in ESA Climate Change Initiative (CCI) to estimate and validate long term satellite series of important sea ice parameters, ESA CryoVal project to validate CryoSat data, and EU project ICE-ARC looking into current and future changes in the Arctic sea ice cover.

As an important part of her work is to validate satellite data and monitor cryosphere changes, she has been involved in numerous airborne lidar and radar campaigns in Greenland and the Arctic Ocean, especially related to ESA CryoVEx (CryoSat validation) campaigns, national funded project PROMICE, and EU projects such as DAMOCLES and GreenICE.