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Joanna Landsvig


Consultant and interpreter/ Snarfari ApS
June 2017 -
I am responsible for the daily contact with Russian authorities, as well as for the negotiation process for a small Danish company.

President/ YATA Denmark
February 2017-
I am responsible for the daily administration. It is my responsibility to make sure that everyone in the organisation thrives, but also that our goals are reached within the scheduled time frame.

Chairwoman/ Silba Copenhagen
August 2016-
I am responsible for the activities in the Copenhagen chapter of Silba. I also hold the responsibility of running the Head Quarters of Silba, which are situated in Copenhagen.

I started studying Indo-European Studies in 2010. Doing Russian as my elective I became fascinated with the Russian language, politics and culture and subsequently chose to change my main subject to Russian Studies.
Due to a large amount of propedeutics I spent longer than usual graduating.